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OH, THE EFFING HORROR is a short horror/comedy (horr-omedy?) film from Justin T. Bowler (jerk), David Herbelin (brainiac), Paul Preston (sarcasmist), and Ryan Paregien (actor). 

Director's Note

"I still feel that Schindler's List is the film that has made the most amount of material change in the world." "When I went to Poland to start working on Schindler's List, I quickly realized after a couple of days of filming that this just wasn't a natural reflex of my filmmaking instincts -- this was going to be something that was going to change my life." 
Steven Speilberg 

As the director, I couldn't really come up with anything poetic, insightful, or particularly compelling about making this film, so that pretty much sums up how I feel too. 

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